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Modern LED western wall lamp

*** New arrival in 2020

*** DES main item type

Product Description


DES-MI-001 ជាអំពូលជញ្ជាំង ដែលមានរាងដូចចង្កៀង មានគម្របថ្លា និងមានពន្លឺភ្លឺច្បាស់ មិនចាំងភ្នែក។ ដោយសារបច្ចេកវិទ្យា ចុងក្រោយរបស់ LED និងស៊ុម អាឡុយមីញ៊ូមដែលមិនច្រែះ រឹងមាំល្អ អំពូលប្រភេទនេះមានអាយុកាលវែង សន្សំសំចៃភ្លើង ភ្លឺច្បាស់ សាកសមសម្រាប់ លម្អ បរិវេណ ខាងក្រៅ ។

Unique Western wall lamps are designed and released by end of year 2020 with latest LED technology (brand Epistar) complete with modern digital IC of Japanese quality to ensure longer life span under unstable power supply.  This wall lighting looks not only simple but also attractive and modern. It is the first choice for 5 star hotel, home, coffee shop, restaurant, and other commercial complex buildings.

Not only perfect designed but also:

  • Waterproof body protection class IP65
  • Environmental-friendly and durable
  • 2835 LED Chip using the fifth generation of high-quality LED chips, the light is pure and bright, soft and eye-protecting


Area of application:

  • Balcony
  • Entrance area
  • Exterior wall
  • Garden


Production information:

Ordering Number: DES-MI-001 (for down light) and DES-MI-001a (for up light)

Model Number: WL2001

Warranty: 2 years
Power: 7W

Luminous efficacy: 70 lm/W

Lumen output: 490 lm

Input voltage: 100-240 VAC
CCT: 3000k/6000k

Lifespan: 30000 hrs
Material: Housing Die-Cast Aluminum + Polycarbonate
Working Temperature: -20℃~50℃
IP Rating: IP65
Certificate: CE ROHS









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