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disc-dot, quad-dot 45, accent light points 20 mm, 12 V DC


Product Description

  •  20 mm accent light point, installation depth only 10 mm with mounting clip
  • disc-dot with round, quad-dot 45 with square design
  •  microbe-proof PUR connecting cable, molded water-tight with spot, for
  • exterior installation
  • extremely thin ribbon cable 1,4 mm x 2,6 mm, for mounting in floor, wall and panelling
  • long life, excellent luminosity, resistant to vibration
  • salt and chlorinated water resistant stainless steel 316 L housing
  • operable temperature range – 25°C up to + 50°C
  • striking, high quality design, dazzle-free, fascinating lighting effects
  • RGB models for operation with RGB controller on page 119


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