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Founded in 2016, DYNAMIC ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS (DES) is a local lighting supplier in Cambodia.
DES’s commitment to LED lighting solutions has dedicated more customer’s choices by offering the new products and technologies of

the indoor and outdoor LED lighting products to Cambodia.

We are earnestly grateful for the recognition and supports of our national and international lighting partners. Today we aim to assure our customers of the reliable delivery time, the good quality lighting and the fair price.

Our comprehensive solutions that meet the increasing expectations & requirements of

customers include supplying medium and high-end lighting integrated with dynamic
and powerful active engineering supports, site surveying,
calculation supports, costing optimization,
installation and maintenance.

Our commitment can be only achieved with the great team of highly

qualified engineering, marketing, sale and administration stuffs.

TOP 10

Top ten characteristics of DES bring together with all our main-item and hot-sale products, say the new series of modern LED lighting. The top ten  characteristics includes:

1. QUALITY: all main and hot products of DES are of quality assurance so that customer will be assured that they are paying for somethings valuable for their lives.

2. GOOD PRICE: we are offering the good price equally to all our customers so that they do not need to find the other supply chains. They will not be frustrated with the unreasonable market price.

3. MODERN: LED lighting product are specially selected and customized following the newest model of modern lifestyle. Shaping the modernity is one of our core values.

4. WARRANTY: the warranty of our LED products is minimum of at least 1 full year on the product’s quality. The the delivery fee of the replacement will be covered by DES within the period of our warranty.

5. DELIVERY: most of all our main and hot-sale  products are ready in stock and the delivery time is reliably 3 days maximum after confirmation in general case.

6. CUSTOMIZED: customization of products is an available option without limited quantity so that customers can get what they are actually looking for with the minimum expense of their effort and time.

7. SAVING: all products are selected base on its perfect power performance and low consumption. In long term view, usage of our products will reduces huge amount of electricity bill.

8. BRIGHT: brightness is the ultimate property of the best lighting. All our LED lighting products consume less electricity but with higher lumen output compared to that of other conventional LED products.

9. INSTALLATION: our products are creatively manufactured for ease of the installation and replacement. This feature allows much saving on the installation fee and time.

10. LIFE SPAN: Not only lasting longer than 5 years but also free-flickering and color temperature shifting and ensure at least 70% of the products’ original state.

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