About Our Solutions

Founded in 2016, Dynamic Engineering Solutions (DES) Company is professionalized in products and whole system solution offer for all kind of construction projects in Cambodia.

With two major departments of electric and mechanic and plenty of experts from our manufacturers, we can provide most optimized solutions for modern LED lighting, power distribution, wiring components, building suspended scaffold systems, water storage, water control and pressure management and steel pipe. We also provide design solutions, technical supports and after sale services conforming to standards, international safety norm and sustainable development.

We are exclusive and/or official distributor for world leading M&E product brands such as dot-spot (Germany), iGuzzini (Italy), Starslite (Malaysia), LEDIGAMI (Malaysia), ABB, Walther (Germany), Sangtao (Vietnam), Vietstar (Vietnam), Buildinglift (China), Sungil (Korea), Balmoral (UK), DOROT and SeAH (Vietnam).

Our comprehensive solutions that meet the increasing expectations & requirements of customers include supplying high-end M&E products integrated with dynamic and powerful active engineering supports, site surveying, calculation supports, costing optimization, installation and maintenance.

Our commitment can be only achieved with the great team of highly qualified engineering, marketing, sale and administration stuffs.

  • Company’ Scope of Supply


Dynamic Engineering Solution offer solutions for lighting, power distribution, wiring components, suspended scaffolding, water storage, steel piping and PVC piping.

 Our Products, 

Nowadays, we are suppliers of Product Brand as following:

    1. LEDIGAMI : Lighting Solutions
    2. Starslite : Emergency Lighting
    3. Dot-Spot : Landscape & Façade Lighting
    4. ABB : Earthing & Lightning System
    5. Sangtao : Power Distribution
    6. ABB : Wiring Components
    7. Balmoral & Sungil : Water Storage
    8. Building Lift : Suspended Scaffolding

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